One Stop Solution for Clean Water

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Don`t have access to clean water? Can`t compromise your health when it comes to shortlisting the essence of life—water?

Well, You need not to worry because drop connect is here to assist you in fulfilling all of your hydration needs. From effective controlling functions to efficient filtration system, Drop connects whole house water softener system is simply the right brand for you! 

They feature exclusive filters that will cleanse your water away from any and all contamination that may have promulgated the water and made it unsafe or unhealthy to consume. Since water is a finite resource, drop connect becomes the source to clean water. They are worthy of your trust, as they strive to be dedicated to be sustainable, offering nothing but the best water supply to all. Their products tend to give solution to even the most demanding water related situations. These are easy to handle, and efficient to utilize especially at homes.

Drop Your Worries with Drop Connect:


Drop Leak Detectors:

Treating water leakages or water itself can rather be a herculean task, especially when it comes to referring external sources to accomplish it. This is where DROP comes handy. Their leak detectors are simply all what you need to make your home safe from all the hydra damaging—be it seepages, or pipe bursts, or hefty water bills. With them, you have nothing to worry about your water problems at all. You even get leak notifications on your email, or texts. All you have to do is select the leak detector of your choice, either 2 pack or 4 pack and add them to your cart. They also offer a 10% discount upon registering via email, which means you get to have budget friendly products and that too at a further discount! The best part? They offer fast free shipping! Amazing, right? Their leak detectors will safely keep you from water damages by informing you of the possible leakage that could occur before hand. Your one stop solution to quench all your hydra needs.


Drop Water Filters:

Who doesn`t want access to clean, great tasting, refreshing water that soothes the heart and mind keeping it fresh, right?

Their water filters are made simply entirely for this purpose. Drop your bottled water needs and grab on Drop water filters to get an unlimited supply of fresh water free from any and all chemicals. They tend to offer a range of filters so that you choose whichever fits your preference. Their range includes: DROP whole house cartridge filter, DROP whole house backwashing filter, DROP single tank aeration filter, and others. These remove iron, sulfur, chlorine, sediments and other chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis System:

Being pure and simple, this system is installed right under your sink and give access to clean water free from all contaminants like fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, or other pharmaceuticals. It has a built in UV disinfection, as well as a built in leak protection. It also notifies you via email or push notifications as to when to replace the filter changeouts. It is flexible and expandable, and all can be done at your mere fingertips. This can be done via the DROP app, available at both IOS and Android. The system is perfect for households that are looking out for a smart water management system. It integrates all of your water devices together. This system can work with or without the DROP hub. So, what are you waiting for?

Drop App:

This app features alerts and notifications in real time and keep you updated about your water usage and water status. Not a tech geek? Well, don`t you worry! Their app highlights everything you need, from control settings to navigating distinctive features and so much more. The app also enables easy transitions between the variable DROP systems, making it convenient especially for those who are managing multiple locations. This usually requires a DROP hub to operate fully.


Commitment To Quality: 

They have a team of experts which works around the clock, researching on the continuous challenges that evolve with each passing moment. Their aim? To optimize water treatment at the comfort of your own home at minimal cost. This coupled with innovation brings the finest products which can be bought easily and maintained at a very low cost. Their technology annuls the wastage of water, enhancing water efficiency, alongside promoting responsible water management. Quality is what they are dedicated to provide, it is the heart and soul of their company and they work tirelessly to bring about access to safe clean water. Not only this, but they also offer a six-month warranty to ensure guaranteed quality. You can also pay in installments so that their products are easy on your pocket. Their main objective is to satisfy you; their people which makes them customer centric. Being committed to offer cleanest water supply to cut down all your costs of bottled water so that it makes your water consumption not just cheap but also environment friendly. This is because switching to their water filters rather than bottled water will aid in laying down roots of a healthier and safer eco-system to achieve a brighter, water secure future and make it easy for all to exempt their use of plastic bottled water and switch to cleaning water at their own homes and consuming it fresh and fully. Being a leading water equipment supply company, they primarily focus on customer satisfaction amalgamated with quality control and productive use of technology to make the handling of their equipment simpler and easier.

The merits associated with DROP services are endless. From accessing safer, clean water, to getting push notifications on any pipe bursts or leakages; they are simply the finest. This also tends to save heaps of money that would have been charged if there was to be a water damage. Choose them to have your hands on the fastest pacing and niche quality of water integrated with state-of-the-art technology to make your life simpler and easier and trouble free.